Generation of monopulses with sub-nanosecond pulse duration.

          The experimental results which were obtained in GPI of RAS by DR.D.A.Mashkovsky - are represented. These results were obtained with support of analysis, which was made with LID-MCL program set application.

          For all combinations of active elements and passive Q-switches is possible to obtain the generation with sub-nanosecond pulsewidth. The following combinations of elements were investigated: active medium YVO4:Nd3+, YAG:Nd3+ LSB:Nd3+, and passive Q-switches YAG:Cr4+, YAG:V4+ and GSGG:Cr4+. Large possibilities of YVO4:Nd3+ are based on large cross-section of laser transient. This fact give you possibility to obtain the large velosity of processes, and as result to obtain short pulses.

          Below results for YVO4:Nd3+ laser is represented.

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